Brook Crompton Motors



Brook Crompton Motors are one of the most popular brand of motors around and because of this we have access to a large range of stock.

We are also strategically based a 10 minute drive away from the Brook Crompton HQ, ensuring that we are perfectly located to quickly supply products and services nationwide!

We have access to a large stock and aim to have your replacement motor out THE SAME DAY!

If you have any further queries or would simply like some technical advice, please do not hesitate to contact us

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All we require is the Nameplate Details, in particular, the:

Serial No: e.g. F678547
Power (kW): e.g. 0.75kW
Speed (RPM): e.g. 1425 RPM
Frame Size: e.g. W-DA80MG

Registered in England: 7505496 Registered Office: Glydegate Bradford BD5 0BQ